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Paladin Pictures to Test-Screen the Brothers Williamson film "When Love Walks In"

Paladin Pictures to Test-Screen the Brothers Williamson film "When Love Walks In"

Charlottesville, Virginia—October 15, 2001—Local production company Paladin Pictures, LLC, will test screen it's new independent feature by the Brothers Williamson When Love Walks In. The screenings will take place on Saturday, October 27th at 7:00 & 9:30pm in the Screening Room at 128 Chancellor Street off the corner. These free screenings will allow Paladin Pictures, LLC, to gather information to help market and promote the film.

Overwhelmed by the tragic loss of his wife, John Redgrave (Kent C. Williamson) reluctantly falls in love with the aspiring artist (Maggie Jones) he's hired to baby-sit his three year-old daughter. Grief may conquer him... Fear may ruin him... But everything changes... When Love Walks In.

Shot over twenty-six days in and around Charlottesville, When Love Walks In features local actors Bill Williamson (no relation to the Brothers Williamson), former UVA student Maggie Jones, Terri Moore, and Miss Virginia contestant Melissa Dawn Bryant. The musical score was created by local composer Stephan Prock. The film also features the music of local artists Terri Allard and Toy O'Ferrall as well as Carbon Leaf, Stone Kitchen, Elysian Skies and David Hicks. The Brothers Williamson are Brad Williamson (Director) and Kent C. Williamson (Writer/Producer/Director).

For more information, please email or call 434.817.2700.
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Paige Pitstick

Written by : Paige Pitstick

Paige graduated in May 2014 from Texas Christian University with a degree in Film, Television & Digital Media. She started her film career the following fall by moving away from her home in Texas, to Charlottesville, Virginia and began working as the Office Manager at Paladin Media Group. Paige’s passion is post-production and aspires to become an Editor for Christian Films.


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We are the team to transform your concept into cinematic existence!

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