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Local Filmmaker To Screen Award-Winning Film in Michigan

Local Filmmaker To Screen Award-Winning Film in Michigan

Charlottesville, Virginia – August 8, 2005 – Filmmaker Brad Williamson—long-time resident of Sawyer, Michigan—will screen his award-winning dramatic film When Love Walks In at the Vickers Theatre in Three Oaks, Michigan on August 16 & 17 at 7:00 p.m. Brad and sibling Kent C. Williamson are known as The Brothers Williamson and have produced this feature-length film in conjunction with Virginia-based media company Paladin Pictures. The filmmakers have already experienced success with When Love Walks In, having received seven awards for the film since its April release.

When Love Walks In is the first full-length film that Williamson has directed. Born in Austin, Texas, Williamson gained experience as a freelance still photographer before beginning his own photography business that has become Sawyer-based Harbor Country Photography. As a result of that background, the move into motion pictures was a relatively seamless one. It has assisted Williamson not only with When Love Walks In, but also in the creation of Rebellion of Thought, a thought-provoking documentary that explores the role of faith in a post-modern world, currently in post-production.
In addition to filmmaking, Williamson has divided his career with an unlikely occupation. When not creating artistic images, he conducts management assessments and investigations at nuclear generating stations, even traveling overseas in collaboration with the International Atomic Energy Agency. Between his diverse travels, he resides in Sawyer, Michigan where he has lived for over a decade with his wife and four children.
Williamson with be in attendance for the 7:00p.m. screenings of When Love Walks In on August 16 & 17 at the Vickers Theatre in Three Oaks, Michigan. For more information on the screenings, visit or call (296) 756-3522. To view the trailer of When Love Walks In or to buy a DVD copy, visit

For more information, please email or call 434.817.2700. Paladin Pictures is dedicated to the production, distribution, and promotion of redemptive entertainment and educational media. Paladin Pictures strives to follow the example of the Paladin Order of Knighthood which, under the rule of Charlemagne, was charged with the task of preserving the values and virtues of the society and culture.

Paige Pitstick

Written by : Paige Pitstick

Paige graduated in May 2014 from Texas Christian University with a degree in Film, Television & Digital Media. She started her film career the following fall by moving away from her home in Texas, to Charlottesville, Virginia and began working as the Office Manager at Paladin Media Group. Paige’s passion is post-production and aspires to become an Editor for Christian Films.


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