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Paladin Pictures Creates Local Buzz Over Michigan Film Debut

Paladin Pictures Creates Local Buzz Over Michigan Film Debut

Charlottesville, Virginia – August 12, 2005 – Paladin Pictures and The Brothers Williamson continue to cause a stir locally over the screening of their dramatic film When Love Walks In at the Vickers Theatre in Three Oaks, Michigan on August 16 & 17 at 7:00 p.m. The award-winning film has residents of southern Michigan and northern Indiana excited to take part in what promises to be a “truly family-friendly event.”

The family-friendly nature of When Love Walks In has resulted in an interesting and rather unorthodox business partnership—one with another family-oriented company. Bridgman Family Dental Care of Bridgman, Michigan has joined with Paladin Pictures to help coordinate the August screenings at the Vickers Theatre, providing marketing materials and free refreshments for special guests. “The movie presents a great premise as well as real life situations and interchange,” Dr. Neil Smith comments, expressing his enthusiasm in assisting The Brothers Williamson with the film’s promotion.
The Brothers Williamson have gained exposure for When Love Walks In through other outlets, as well. The filmmakers have received coverage in St. Joseph’s Herald-Palladium, the South County Gazette, Harbor Country News, and The Beachers news publication. In addition, more than three thousand post cards and countless posters have been distributed for the film’s release.
Along with print coverage, The Brothers Williamson will also receive radio exposure on South Bend’s WUBU 106.3 FM. The filmmakers will be guests on the Sunday morning talk show Michiana Talks hosted by Vivian Sallie, airing August 14th from 8:00 to 8:30 a.m. The half-hour show will explore the various filmmaking techniques used in When Love Walks In as well as the upcoming projects for The Brothers Williamson.
When Love Walks In tells the story of John Redgrave, a photographer who struggles to raise his three-year-old daughter after his wife’s untimely death. Emotionally devastated, he attempts to pick-up the pieces of his shattered life with the help of his charming father and an unlikely new love interest. Elements of loss, love, and eventual restoration have audiences comparing When Love Walks In to films like Bounce starring Ben Affleck and Gwyneth Paltrow and Sleepless in Seattle starring Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan.
For more information on the August 16 & 17 screenings of When Love Walks In, visit or call (296) 756-3522. To view the trailer of When Love Walks In or to buy a DVD copy, visit

For more information, please email or call 434.817.2700. Paladin Pictures is dedicated to the production, distribution, and promotion of redemptive entertainment and educational media. Paladin Pictures strives to follow the example of the Paladin Order of Knighthood which, under the rule of Charlemagne, was charged with the task of preserving the values and virtues of the society and culture.

Paige Pitstick

Written by : Paige Pitstick

Paige graduated in May 2014 from Texas Christian University with a degree in Film, Television & Digital Media. She started her film career the following fall by moving away from her home in Texas, to Charlottesville, Virginia and began working as the Office Manager at Paladin Media Group. Paige’s passion is post-production and aspires to become an Editor for Christian Films.


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