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Paladin Audio To Distribute Jefferson Symposium Lectures

Charlottesville, Virginia - June 16, 2004 - Paladin Audio, a newly formed division of Paladin Pictures, Inc., has teamed with the University of Virginia’s School of Continuing and Professional Studies to distribute the highly-anticipated Jefferson Symposium Lectures. This audio series features many of the worlds most respected and renowned experts on Thomas Jefferson and his times, including Professors Jeremy Black, Joseph Ellis, Joanne Freeman, Annette Gordon-Reed, and Peter Onuf.

"The University of Virginia has developed a reputation as one of the nation’s premier providers of content-rich educational travel programs for adults. It has been our goal for some time to make the top-caliber content of our programs available not only to our participants but also to other enthusiasts who enjoy exploring the life and times of Thomas Jefferson, but who are unable to attend our programs," said Jefferson Symposium Program Director Tom Dowd. "These compact discs, which are of the highest quality, will bring the wit, wisdom, and expertise of several highly respected historians to a broader audience. Listeners will find these cd’s to be informative, thought-provoking, and invaluable in understanding today’s events through the prism of a formative period in our country’s history."

"The Jefferson Symposium Lectures series gives people around the globe the opportunity to climb inside the minds of the world’s most acclaimed Jeffersonian experts," said series producer Kent C. Williamson. "We are hoping this series will help educate people about the brilliant and beloved Thomas Jefferson and help keep the spotlight on the U.Va. Jefferson Symposium, which conducts annual programs for adult learners in Charlottesville and abroad."

The Jefferson Symposium Lectures will debut at the seventeenth annual Jefferson Symposium,
June 16th - 20th at the University of Virginia. The initial releases of the series include the following six titles:
The Imperial Crisis, Diplomacy Within the Empire by Jeremy Black
The New Nation in the World, Post-1776 Diplomacy and Geo-Strategy by Jeremy Black
America’s Odd Couple: The Jefferson and Adams Friendship by Joseph Ellis
Situating Jefferson in His Political Context by Joanne Freeman
Rethinking Thomas Jefferson by Annette Gordon-Reed
The Creation of American Nationalism by Peter Onuf
The audio series is comprised of lectures from past symposia and is being released on compact disc. Individual titles will soon be made available via Internet download and additional titles will be created from this year’s Jefferson Symposium and other past symposia. To learn more about the Jefferson Symposium Lectures and to purchase online, please visit Online sales to the public are scheduled to begin in mid-July. To learn more about the 2004 Jefferson Symposium, please visit

For more information, please email or call 434.817.2700.
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