Paladin Pictures and MRSEC Awarded for Nanotechnology Film

Paladin Pictures and MRSEC Awarded for Nanotechnology Film

Charlottesville, Virginia - February 18, 2005 - Paladin Pictures, Inc. and the University of Virginia Materials Research Science & Engineering Center (MRSEC) have received The Communicator Awards’ Award of Distinction for their work on the Nanotechnology film, The Nano Revolution. The annual international competition aims to honor excellence in visual communications, recognizing media productions that exceed industry standards.

The Nano Revolution highlights such technological advancements as desktop computers the size of a wristwatch and clothing that changes color at voice-command, seemingly science-fiction-like possibilities of the Nanotechnology field. A nanometer is a billionth of a meter or nearly 100,000 times thinner than the width of a single human hair. Working with particles on the nano level, scientists are now able to manipulate materials to an unprecedented degree. MRSEC director Robert Hull explains, “Nanotechnology is the field of designing and engineering structures at close to the atomic-scale. The range of possibilities this enables—from electronics to communications, aerospace, medicine, energy, construction, and chemical processing—is almost limitless.”

The film’s director Kent C. Williamson said, “The fact that the film won this award is great, but the real excitement is what the folks at the MRSEC are a part of. They are at the forefront of a field that will radically impact the way we live, work, and play.” The project, filmed largely on-location at the University of Virginia, is aimed at introducing people to the field of Nanotechnology as well as the specific research conducted at MRSEC.

Among the many interesting materials explored in the film is the substance known as Aerogel. A silicon-based solid that is composed of 99.8% air, Aerogel is a thousand times less dense than glass and insulates 39% more effectively than the best fiberglass insulation. A 6x2 foot block of the material would weigh approximately 1 pound, but could support the weight of a compact automobile. Pamela Norris, Associate Professor of Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering at UVa, describes Aerogel as “a very exciting research area...Imagine a material that you put in your hand and you can hardly tell it’s there.”

The Nano Revolution explores the mere beginnings of a scientific advancement that could significantly change the world in which we live. Through ongoing investigation, Nanotechnology researchers at MRSEC will continue to uncover microscopic secrets that could have widespread application in consumer markets and beyond. To view the film The Nano Revolution in its entirety, visit or

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